Chapter 2 Extras

Oh! Papa, Oh! Papa

“Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinah” was published as “Old Joe, or Somebody in the House with Dinah” in London in the 1830s or '40s, with music credited to J.H. Cave. "Dinah" was a generic name for an enslaved African woman. The melody for this song may have been adapted from "Goodnight, Ladies", written in 1847 by E. P. Christy.

Truly hooked on cards from childhood, Sophie went on to sing about, lose at, and generally enjoy all forms of gambling for the rest of her life. “Seven or Eleven – My Dixie Pair o’ Dice” by Walter Donaldson and Lew Brown was written for the show Make it Snappy starring Eddie Cantor. Sophie borrowed this gambling song to record in 1923, on Okey Records.

Liberace (born Wladziu Valentino Liberace) was a flamboyant pianist who, from the late 1950s through the 1970s, became the highest-paid entertainer in the world. Known equally for his musical prowess as for his wild costumes covered in sequins and feathers, Liberace was a singular figure in popular entertainment. Though he denied being gay throughout his lifetime, he was sued for palimony by his chauffeur and he died of an AIDS-related illness in 1987.

Ralph Kramden—the main character of The Honeymooners, played by Jackie Gleason—was a bus driver with a penchant for get-rich-quick schemes. Well-hidden beneath layers of bluster and a short fuse is a soft-hearted man who loves his wife and is devoted to his best pal.